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About Christine

Christine Petkov has over 20 years of experience creating imagery for National Brand Advertising. She began her photography journey as an editorial photographer for trade publications and moved into commercial and advertising photography among the top photographers in Chicago.

A little more than  12 years ago, Christine moved to West Lafayette with her husband and three girls and found a slower more comfortable way of life. She began a freelance photography career and is pleased to have found a way to continue to do what she loves by photographing for local businesses and families.

Christine believes one of the greatest accomplishments of her career was when she linked arms with Chief Editor, Carol Bangert, and Art Director, Kara Bishop to become an integral part of the newly rebranded Greater Lafayette Magazine in 2020. This relationship continues to be a  fantastic collaboration of creative vision that keeps Christine atop her trade. Being able to showcase her hometown of Lafayette as a destination city is most satisfying!

Recently, Christine has decided to open up services to new 'brides to be' and offer wedding photography again. She has an extensive portfolio of wedding photography. If you haven't already, head over to to see her portfolio and wedding photography packages. 

Christine is open to new ideas and your photography projects. She looks forward to your call. 

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CALL: 708.275.3332

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CALL 708.275.3332

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